, who's never been described as shy, is in hot water over some poorly timed tweets joking about the recent suicide of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Russell Armstrong. But in true Ice style, he's not backing down just yet.

"Bad Joke... But alotta those wives would make me consider it," tweeted T upon hearing the news. Media outlets, like The Hollywood Reporter noted the Tweet, and some started slamming T for his attitude: "We are having difficulty seeing the comedic side of this Tweet, and it seems rather inappropriate and insensitive," wrote OK Magazine, and even Perez Hilton called T out, writing "This isn't a bad joke—it's tasteless, inappropriate and insensitive, three things we never thought we'd say about T. You should be ashamed, pal."

T fired back, tweeting yesterday: "The lack of people caring about REAL issues has caused the media to focus on dumb shit like TWITTER comments.@THR attempting to create drama."

Bravo execs and other Housewives showed a bit more tact: Andy Cohen wrote "I am so very sad about today's news. My prayers and thoughts are with Taylor Armstrong and her family," while Alex McCord and Simon van Kampen of RHONY told US Weekly, "That's unbelievably awful. [We] hadn't heard yet. Our hearts go out to the family." This morning, rumors started swirling that Armstrong may have killed himself because his "gay, kinky sex life" was going to be revealed in a tell-all book.