Various stars were at City Hall, stumping for a city tax break on film and TV production. Well, maybe the stars were more B-list, as they were Joey Pantoliano and Ice-T. But Gothamist will let Ice-T speak for all of us:

"It's kind of really wack to be in Toronto shooting a New York movie. It's not cool at all."

Totally not cool at all. And it's a great day for the American dream when one day Ice-T is number one enemy of cops around the country and twelve years later, he's at City Hall, based on his role as Detective Odafin Tutola on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Ice-T's boss, Dick Wolf, was also at City Hall, saying about his three series, "They may very well be the last three shows shooting in New York City. You'd be surprised at the number of New Yorkers living in Toronto." Nice grandstanding, Dick! But we know you have at least four other L&O ideas in the pipeline besides Trial by Jury, like L&O: Fashion Police, L&O: Neighborhood Watch, L&O: Subway Ban Enforcers, and L&O: Noise Violation Patrol.

And let's just say that we hope The WB decides to film at least some of The Bergdorf Blondes, based on the book by Plum Sykes, Vogue contributor and Brit-about-town, in NYC. We're thinking it'll be a low-rent version of Sex and the City (less funny, less production values, with would-be starlet) but Sykes' co-producer worked on the The Gilmore Girls and Freaks and Geeks, so who knows? [Gawker on Plum Sykes' freakout with an interviewer.]