Last month, after dropping off his bulldog Spartacus at the vet, Ice T was pulled over near the Lincoln Tunnel and was eventually arrested for driving with a suspended license. Ice T called the cop who took him to the station a "punk bitch" and insisted that the DMV made a mistake and guess what—the DMV did make a clerical error! The rapper-actor was cleared of all charges and declared, "That's what I'm talking about!"

Ice T and his bodacious wife Coco were both at the courthouse. Ice T told reporters, "Like I said from the gate, I never broke the law. I never had knowledge of any suspension. That's why I got so angry when they put me in handcuffs." Police sources say that Ice T's Cadillac SUV's side mirror brushed against a patrol car.

When one of his Twitter followers asked, "So this means the cop was only goin by the info DMV entered into the system?" Ice responded, "True.. But he didn't HAVE to take me to jail." Guess it's time for the lawsuit against the DMV!