Didn't get enough ice skating done in August? Don't worry, because even though the leaves have barely begun to turn, ice skating season has officially begun. Local rinks are firing up their Zambonis for some sweet ice action—here's where do get your skate on around town:

  • The Rink at Rockefeller Center opened for its skating season yesterday, though the big tree won't arrive until late November. From now through November 8th (PDF), hit the ice for $20 ($10 more to rent skates) for 1.5 hour sessions throughout the day beginning at 8 a.m. and closing at midnight. Best to get your skating in before the 8th as the price rises to $25 and you're forced to elbow tourists for space on the ice. After January 7th the price drops again and things calm down. We're told several other programs will be available this season, including that "VIP Express Skating" package we told you about—feelings of superiority can be had for the low, low price of $95.
  • From October 26th through March 3rd, the Citi Pond at Bryant Park offers free skating daily from 8 a.m. until midnight to anyone with the stamina to wait on the General Admission line. Skate rentals cost $14 and a $25 Fast Pass option lets you cut the line, should you be impatient.
  • There's no official opening date yet for Trump (groan) Wollman Rink in Central Park but the website indicates the opening is imminent. Monday through Thursday admission costs a reasonable $11 and jumps to $17 Friday through Sunday. Oglers pay a $5 fee just to stand near the ice so you may as well just rent the $7 skates and have at it. Hours vary from day-to-day so check the website before you head out.
  • A little bit to the north in Central Park, Lasker Rink opens in November and has two oval rinks, one reserved for high school hockey teams and another for all ages. Admission for adults is $6.75 plus an additional $6 skate rental fee.
  • Over in Queens, the indoor rink City Ice Pavilion provides the least expensive skating options, though without the romance of the great outdoors. Monday through Friday skaters take to the ice for a mere $5 with weekend prices a similarly cheap $8. Rent a pair of $5 skates and you'll have plenty of pennies leftover for a satisfying cup of vending machine hot cocoa. The rink hosts a variety of hockey leagues and sports teams so consult this schedule for free skate information.
  • Keep an eye out for the Standard's ice skating experience, which usually pops up sometime in November, and includes things like Glühwein!

And just a reminder, Brooklynites hoping to perfect their triple salchows this season: aside from some frozen puddles, you're outta luck. Neither McCarren Park's pool nor the promised rink in Prospect Park will open this year. Any enterprising young creatives want to start a Gliding on the Gowanus Kickstarter campaign?