Now that the United States has set a shining example for the use of clean energy, and all industrialized nations have implemented strict restrictions on carbon emissions, the earth's climate is finally swinging back into balance and global warming is no longer a looming catastrophe. Thus, it's time to celebrate by ice skating in August in a giant air-conditioned snow globe that Jaguar has erected under the High Line! Maybe they'll leave the doors open to cool off the park?

Inhabitat, a blog that, ironically, covers "design that will save the world," took photos of the snow globe going up yesterday. Starting at 3 p.m. today, and continuing Friday and Saturday, the general public is invited inside to ice skate for free (cost in greenhouse gas emissions not included, but totally worth it to promote a gas-guzzling luxury sports car). We sure hope nobody falls and has to be taken away in ambulance, like the last time people started skating at the High Line!

(Courtesy Inhabitat)