2004_08_artsdracula.jpgGothamist thought last week's reviews for the new Broadway show Dracula, The Musical were simply hilarious. A few of our favorite quotes:

"This may be the first version of Dracula in which he's killed not so much by a stake to the heart as by an insipid ballad. " (Frank Scheck, New York Post)

"Dracula, the Musical"... isn't simply bad ... it is bad and boring." (Ben Brantley, New York Times)

"...an unconvincing melodrama laced with dreary songs that stop rather than jump-start the plot." (Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press)

"Should anyone spy doctors in the lobby of the Belasco Theatre, where "Dracula, The Musical" opened last night, chances are they're treating viewers for a case of the yawns." (Michael Sommers, Star Ledger)

...and they just keep going. Nearly every major review was negative to the nth, which is nothing new for composer Frank Wildhorn, who invoked similar reactions to his Jekyll & Hyde and The Scarlett Pimpernel. The critics really seem to hate this guy with a passion.

The Post's Scheck cracked us up with this additional comment:

"Although Wildhorn's fans will flock to the production, one suspects the critics will do to "Dracula, the Musical" what garlic, crucifixes and wooden stakes couldn't."