This weekend Gothamist caught Before Sunrise on…ahem, the Lifetime Network.

Tonight is the premiere of Before Sunset, the long-awaited sequel. Finally, 9 years later, we can get some closure.

Apparently Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) never rendezvoused again. Instead, after parting ways in Vienna and promising to come back to each other in 6 months...the intrigue wore off. At least that is what we are assuming as in the sequel it is also 9 years later, and in fact Jesse now has a kid! So will the romance these two strangers began in Vienna be gone forever, left to distant memories, or will Paris help them respark the chemistry that was once there? We're hoping for the latter. Not that we encourage extramarital affairs, but perhaps this kid of Jesse's came about some other way.

One has to wonder, what happened between our other favorite on-screen romance of Ethan Hawke. We'd like to see a sequel to Reality Bites.
Are Troy Dyer and Lelaina Pierce still holed up in Houston mocking the world from their hipster abode, or have they succumbed to corporate jobs and brand name cars?

We'll have to wait for that one, if it comes at all.

In the meantime here are some helpful links:

See what happens when these other 2 lovers reconnect in the city of lights.
Tonight @ 8pm // Director's Guild Theater // 110 W. 57th Street

Before Sunrise was one of those talky films, check out some of the quotes here.