As if its recent OWS award weren't proof enough that MTV is really sinking its teeth into the Occupy Wall Street movement, the moment you've been dreading is upon us: The network is airing its True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street episode tomorrow. So what to expect? The Times got to see a rough cut and has filed a report. Seems the show portrays "the scene in Zuccotti Park as summer camp with protest signs, a rolling festival of exasperation and naïveté, stone-faced cops and Hacky Sack—Fuming Man."

Apparently the episode's focus is a 23-year-old full-time protester from Massachusetts named Bryan and his 20-year-old friends Kait and Caitlin "who moonlight at the park." Big scenes involving clashes with the police are glossed over off camera and much time is spent on the work Bryan does in the sanitation squad. You'll be shocked to know that, according to Bryan, "there are certain members of the community who don’t really clean up after themselves."

Still, though the episode has lots to laugh at ("a surprising amount, actually, for a show on a network that you would assume is sympathetic to the young people’s feelings, or at least mindful of their viewing choices.") it also reportedly has a few moments where one can "get a sense of the powerful emotions the protests have unleashed, regardless of where you stand on the issues involved. You might want to roll your eyes when Caitlin declares, 'I’ve never felt more important than right here,' but you might also be on the wrong side of history."

The episode airs on MTV on Saturday at 6 p.m. and will presumably be shown quite a few times again after that. Do you care what a Viacom subsidy has to say about OWS?