Photo via‏ @kbriquelet

In August a Breaking Bad yarn bomb was spotted over in Bed-Stuy, a comforting little tribute to a show that had been giving us tiny heart attacks during the gut-wrenching final season. And following last night's finale, a new piece of Bad-ass crochetti is on display. Sadly, our suggestion of "Crochet, bitch!" was not taken, instead, the crochet artist (London Kaye) went all sentimental with: "I ♥ Jesse Pinkman."

This simple declaration of love to Aaron Paul's character—one every fan of the show can relate to—was spotted at Dekalb and Spencer in Bed-Stuy... and we found it's best to gaze upon while listening to some Bon Iver.

If you spot any other homages to the show around town, send them our way. [via Brokelyn]