Joey and Pacey; Photo - WBAs TV Gal at Zap2It counts down the top ten Dawson's Creek moments with the show's end approaching, Gothamist was happy to see the first season finale on her list. The first season finale, where Joey and Dawson kiss for the first time, aired on May 19, 1998, the day Gothamist had to move out of the dorms after graduating college. Frantic because the TV was packed up, Gothamist luckily had a TV critic friend who kindly gave his screener of the finale to us so we could sigh and for one moment be in love with the idea of Dawson and Joey. These days, and for the past few years, really, we've been staunchly pro-Pacey and Joey, even though we haven't seen a full episode in ages. But the series finale airs tomorrow night, so we might just be tuning in to see the Capeside gang once again.

Gothamist is probably nostalgic because our fifth college reunion is around the corner. But we shouldn't be, since less than 30 kids (out of over 800) have signed up so far. And maybe we're not nostalgic: We just want to settle some scores.

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