I Am Trying To Break Your HeartHipsters and indie rock fans (Gothamist is not sure if these are the same people; working on the Venn diagram), rejoice: I Am Trying To Break Your Heart is on DVD today. The Sam Jones directed documentary of Wilco recording Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was critically well-received. But of course, you hipsters and indie rock fans don't care and already know the documentary is good.

Updated: Last summer in the Observer, Lynn Harris brilliantly dissected how to land a dude of a certain type during the film's run at Cinema Village:

Now, Wilco guys are different. Don't get carried away: don't think Cary Grant, or Chris Noth. Think bookishly handsome, well-educated semi-wimps. Wilco guys tend to be sensitive, literate, bespectacled, somewhat wan Don DeLillo readers with a bit of a grainy edge. They're a little bit angsty, a little bit rock 'n' roll, and slightly femme-but not andro. They subscribe to Spin, wear sandals-sport sandals-and still enjoy wearing gas-pump shirts with someone else's name. They like Harper's and Bottle Rocket and dingy noodle shops and wear jewelry-the twine kind. They don't get fat, they stay on good terms with their ex-girlfriends, and they probably went through a big Thelonious Monk period in college. They mumble but don't do hard drugs. They are creative but stymied (think freelance Web designer, or Esquire fact-checker), but just like Wilco, they will not sell out-oh, no. They can quote Robert Christgau, don't make a lot of eye contact, and a lot of them are broke.

But they're single! (Read more here)

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