There's Friends memorabilia—and the orange couch—plus free coffee so it was inevitable the lines to enter Central Perk would be long. But who really knew until now? Luckily, there's a hyperlapse documenting the extent of the madness.

The pop-up, located at 199 Lafayette Street in Soho, is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the popular TV sitcom.

Last night, there was a special party to kick-off Central Perk's month-long residency. The Rembrandts were there:

So was Gunther (James Michael Tyler), who sang "Smelly Cat":

David Mazouz, who plays a young Bruce Wayne in the new Fox series, Gotham, was there last night, too:

We've done the math: David, who is 13, is younger than Ross's son Ben Geller-Willick and Phoebe's nieces, Leslie and Chandler Buffay, and nephew, Frank Buffay Jr. Jr. But David is older than Emma Geller-Green, so maybe they can date in any future Friends movie.