In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, PBS will be re-running Sesame Street's 2001, five-part hurricane special. While the special has run before—both in 2001 and right after Katrina in 2005—this will be the first time it will air after a devastating hurricane hit Sesame Street's front yard directly.

In the episode, Big Bird's nest is destroyed, but the neighborhood comes together to help out. Sesame's supervising producer Nadine Zylstra told EW, the special tells the story "of everybody on the street getting ready for a hurricane, and then ultimately recovering from a hurricane." The latest airing will include a few edits, as well (though sadly no Trey cameo): “For this latest airing, the show’s team excised the portion about hurricane preparation and edited the hour so that it focuses on Big Bird’s loss—his nest is ruined, and after it’s been repaired, he returns home only to find that the nest still isn’t safe for habitation. (A city nest inspector tells Big Bird that its mud isn’t dry yet.)" But will there be a nutritional segment on how to eat healthy during a storm?

The show's edits and new additions were put together while Sesame employees were dealing with Hurricane Sandy-related obstacles of their own—even the show's tapes were stranded in storage in LIC.

According to local listings the show will air Friday at 7 a.m.