One year ago this weekend, NYC battened down the hatches, prepped their "Go Bag," shut down the MTA, and declared a "state of emergency" as Hurricane Irene bared down on the East Coast. It's one year later, and we still aren't sure what zone we were in, or what exactly we were supposed to have in our "Go Bag"—click through for a pictorial look back at the storm.

Indeed, the city went into full panic mode in the days leading up to Hurricane Irene, but predictions of our imminent doom and destruction here were greatly over-exaggerated (though upstate NY and New Jersey were hit much more seriously). Instead, we were left with a series of hysterical tweets, a lucky lamb born in the middle of the storm, and the start of the greatest Twitter account of all time: El Bloombito. And we got drunk thanks to "Hurricane Irene Bingo."