Over the past few years Gothamist has noticed a considerable decline in the pigeon population in our fair city. Where once street corners were littered with flying rats and their poo, now seeing large groups of pigeons just isn't as common as it once was. We'd sort of assumed this decline (which we have no numbers to back up, just perceptions) was due to some kind of secret city poisioning program, along with some help from Tom Lehrer, but now we have another theory.

Check out Yojimbot's awesome photos of New York's star hawks on the prowl over at Origin of the Species and you'll see what we mean. Apparently regurgetated pigeon squab - that'd be what the hawk is eating in the photos top and above left - are the perfect treat for a growing baby hawk (above right)! As long as these birds o' prey don't suddenly turn and start attacking people, we say eat up hawk-friends!

Photos from Origin of the Species.