The late photographer Garry Winogrand, who was raised in the Bronx and explored the city behind his lens for decades, is mostly recognizable by his black & white snapshots. The pioneer did work in color too, however, and a new exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum is projecting 450 of his color slides on to a wall. The slide show format was inspired by Winogrand himself, who in 1967 showed 80 of his color slides at MoMA, for an exhibit titled "New Documents."

In total, "Winogrand produced more than 45,000 color slides between the early 1950s and late 1960s," according to the Brooklyn Museum, and the works bring you out beyond the city limits, to Cape Cod, Texas and other areas of mid-century America. In the collection above, you'll see plenty of shots captured on sidewalks of New York, and you've likely never seen these before, according to the Museum, because these color works have gone "largely unknown."

The exhibition presents an enveloping installation of large-scale projections comprising more than 400 rarely or never-before seen color photographs that capture the social and physical landscape of New York City and the United States. On his numerous journeys through Midtown Manhattan and across the country, Winogrand explored the raw visual poetics of public life—on streets and highways, in suburbs, at motels, theaters, fairgrounds, and amusement parks. For him, the industrially manufactured color film, which was used by commercial and amateur photographers, perfectly reproduced the industrially manufactured colors of consumer goods in postwar America.

For more on the profound, philosophical, "totally remarkable" Winogrand, we recommend watching All Things are Photographable, which features a treasure trove of moments that Winogrand captured throughout his career, as well as remarks from peers, friends, historians, the photographer himself, and fans like Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

Garry Winogrand: Color will be on display May 3rd through December 8th at the Brooklyn Museum (Morris A. and Meyer Schapiro Wing, 4th Floor). They're hosting a talk on May 16th.