Did you get the NotifyNYC alert reading, "A gathering of approximately 400 jet skis will occur tomorrow, 6/9, at approximately 11:00 AM on the East River..." and wonder, "What the?" Well, Gothamist is ON IT.

It's the NYC Invasion, which starts near the Pepsi-Cola sign in LIC. According to the announcement, the jet skiers "will travel southbound on the East River, then westerly through New York Harbor near the Battery, and then northbound up the Hudson River. The United States Coast Guard and other government agencies will have an increased presence along the route."

The NYC Invasion brings together all of the area jet ski clubs for a circumnavigation of Manhattan island. And according to the badass video below, it is one of the most exclusive jet ski events in the world:

Strong Island Jet Skis is organizing the event, and one of its admins, Mo Sherif, explained that even jet skiers from upstate, Pennsylvania and Connecticut flock to the NYC for this event (most are from NYC and Long Island). "Once a year, we plan a ride between all the groups to make it around the Manhattan island, from East River to, if the weather permits, Hell Gate Bridge," he said.

The weather also impacts how long the event lasts—it may go until 3 or 4 p.m. if there's rain or wind.