Even before they were a part of our first ever Laughable Hype comedy show, we were fans of Human Giant (then known just by their common names: Aziz Ansari, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel). The group got their own show on MTV (airing in a few months) and have released a sneak peak in to what we can expect from it. You can watch it here, though if you are a fan - you've probably already seen "Illustionators" in its entirety during one of Aziz's shows at UCB or Mo Pitkins last year.

The show will be airing on MTV sometime this Spring, and you can get a whole bunch of updates here. One thing to highlight from that post:


"The Hunt for Cody Austin

The past few days, there's been a massive hunt for the wherever abouts of Cody Austin to legally clear use of his headshot for Shutterbugs. Apparently, there's something wrong with saying a little kid fingerbanged your secretaries on TV without his legal consent. Do you know where this man is? If MTV can't find him, he won't be on the Bugs MTV debut! Nooooo! Cody is irreplaceable, please help us. If you know his whereabouts, email me immediately!"

Watch the episode and you'll know how important it is to find this kid. While you're keeping an eye out, read Aziz's interview with us back in 2005. Aziz later referenced how this harmed his google results (watch here) since it comes up fourth in the search of his name and the summary states, "Aziz Ansari looks like the nerdy guy you went to high school with, and doesn't do too much to negate that image once he takes the stage." While we didn't just help by posting that again, we're sure the upcoming MTV press will make it go away!