2005_10_bodies.jpgWe stopped cold when we read a press release about the "BODIES" exhibition coming to New York, because do we really want to see human bodies, skin peeled away with musculature and organs for us to see? BODIES has, according to the release, "22 whole-body specimens and 260 additional organ and partial-body specimens." The thing is, a similar (if not the same - we're trying to figure that out) exhibition was in San Francisco and there were questions about whether or not the bodies were obtained legally (they were from China), plus reports of the bodies seeping! Ewww - we're sure we can find an old encyclopedia with the clear acetate pages with the layers of skin, muscles, organs and bones in order to avoid getting "preserved" body goo on us.

The exhibit will be at the Fulton Market Building at South Street Seaport this November. Stay turned. And in the bodies in the news department, the son of a man whose bones were sold illegally is suing the funeral home.