How much will you pay to appease your attention deficit issues and live in an ad-free world? Hulu is pricing their ad-free region at $12/month, which is $4 more than their regular subscription fee. The streaming service announced the news today, which brings them further into the ring with rivlas Netflix and Amazon. Currently, according to the NY Times, "Hulu has about nine million subscribers, less than a quarter of Netflix’s 21 million paid subscribers in the United States." Prior to today Hulu was the only major subscription-based streaming service to force ads on viewers, not even including a "skip" feature.

Recently, Hulu had a huge score when they acquired every episode of Seinfeld exclusively, but the Times points out that's also when "viewers used social media to complain about being forced to watch ads in order to watch the series." And Hulu took notice.

What if we just want the commercials to be less depressing, is there a fee we can pay for that?

The ad-free option is now available for $12, or you can continue to keep the ads for $8. Hulu will also continue to keep some offerings free. Still, this move makes Hulu the more expensive streaming option: Netflix and Amazon offer ad-free across the board, for $8 and $8.25/month, respectively. (Amazon is actually $99 a year, and with that you get free shipping on many items, and other Prime benefits around the site.)

And, to help you decide, here's what's coming to Hulu in September.