Huge NYC Photoblogger Show Tonight: 7-9pm

The New York City Photobloggers are opening their first gallery show tonight at the Chrystie Street Gallery (167 Chrystie, between Rivington and Kenmare). Word to the wise: bring sunglasses, because there's going to be a lot of crazed photobloggers running around with giant flashes. Some of our favorite photobloggers are in the show, including Eliot Shepard, Rion Nakaya, David Gallagher, and Joe Holmes (disclosure: one of us has a couple of prints in the show).

Also check out the fabulous photoblogging flavor from some of these less well known photographers: , Dan Eckstein, Jeff Gardner, Eugene Gluzberg, Jonathan Greenwald, Laura Holder, Catherine Jones, Michael Kuhle, Matt Law, Tabanitha McDaniel, Sam Meyer, Yefim Natis, Adam Pantozzi, Jesse Pesta, Nicholas Rhodes, Sean Sheridan, Donny Tsang, Christopher Walker, Mark Wickens, Jonathan Winton, Homare Yamahachi, Jimmie Yoo

The party starts at 7pm, with tons of free booze-- and good news for photo collectors-- everything is priced $100-$200. If you can't make it tonight, the show is going to be open for the next three weekends-- definitely stop by!