Photograph, at left, of fireworks from in the East River via dietrich's flickr; at right, Macy's 2009 Fourth of July Fireworks map

You just purchased a condo in Williamsburg with a sick rooftop terrace overlooking the East River, but don't send out that 4th of July firework-watching party Evite to your friends just yet: They're being moved to the Hudson River this year. Macy's sure loves change.

The move is likely just for one year, however, and it's "to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage to what would become New York." Six barges will be set up between 24th and 50th streets as the New York Pops provide the live soundtrack beyond the sonic backdrop of the big bangs. NewYorkology notes that "Macy’s Fireworks debuted in 1958 on the Hudson and actually held a special event in 1959 to mark the 350th Anniversary of the Henry Hudson voyage."