In March, we asked you to share photos of your new New York normal, whether you're an essential worker, or doing what you can by staying indoors 23.5 hours a day. We published the first batch in April, and below you'll find the latest set. For many, it seems that life has become a steady rotation of animals (indoor and outdoor), cooking, coveted bursts of sunlight through windows, working from home, and walks.

For the next set, we'd like to focus on those walks, so consider this a prompt (though all submissions are appreciated): please send us photos of something you see on your walk — whether it's the empty street, the blooming trees, a flock of pigeons, or a little detail in a building you never noticed.

You can send your photos (along with a few sentences and how you would like to be credited, as well as the neighborhood or borough) to with the subject line #GothamistAtHome, or tag us on Instagram or Twitter with #GothamistAtHome.

Radhika writes in: "We are lucky to live in a house in Prospect Lefferts Gardens with our close family friends. There has been lots of wacky haircuts, cooking experiments, yoga, and staring at the beautiful cherry blossom tree outside our window bloom in front of our eyes."

Courtesy of Justin Lawless

Justin Lawless writes in: "I have basically been a collector and nester for as long as I've lived on my own. Having spent these past few weeks inside, I've come to appreciate the things I've collected over the years in new and more meaningful ways. Having this free time has allowed me to realize how little of it I/we normally have. Looking at these objects provides me with decades of great memories, most of which were spent with the ones I love."

Courtesy of Katie

Katie wrote in with this photo from Chelsea: "Essential worker life! Keeping on brand with our tropical aesthetic at Trader Joe’s grocery store worker life with a tropical mask. We are all required to wear masks at work, so I wanted to have a happy and fun mask."

Jen Carlson / Gothamist

Me? I turned my bed into a movie theater. Now playing: Schitt's Creek.

Courtesy of Kevin

Kevin writes in: "Working from home in the Bronx with a sleeping dog at my feet." 

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While some are getting to appreciate these simple pleasures more now, given the subtraction of everything else life was previously offering, we acknowledge that another part of the new normal is anxiety, vertigo-inducing uncertainty, and depression. Please know that the city has offered a number of mental health resources to help during this time.