Ever since a college professor gave us A People’s History of the United States we have been big fans of Howard Zinn. Yes, fans, of an historian.

Zinn recently spoke at The Progressive's 95th Anniversary Party and stated that he feels confident--well, I won't talk about the elections, because the important thing is social movements--I feel confident for a future of this country. We are going to see the emergence and growth of a great social movement which has the possibility of changing the character of this country into a place that we can proud of.

So if you feel like you need some more motivation to get involved with the world outside of your world after a summer of movies like Fahrenheit 9/11, the Corporation and the Hunting of the President...go check out Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train.

The film is a look back on Zinn's life and features rare archival materials, interviews with him as well as colleagues and friends including Noam Chomsky, Marian Wright Edelman, Daniel Ellsberg, Tom Hayden and Alice Walker. It's narrated by Matt Damon (who grew up next to Zinn and also recorded the audiobook of A People’s History of the United States).

We usually don't update you this far in advance, and we'll remind you when the date gets closer, but Howard Zinn will speak at the Cinema Village on July 28. The film opens in NYC on the 23rd, where you can catch it at the same venue.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the RNC in August and with the vote this November. This seems to be an exciting summer, reminiscent of the what we'd imagine the 60's and 70's to have been like.

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