Peter Eisenman, Richard Meier, Steven Holl, Charles Gwathmey; Photo - The "dream teams" of noted architects working together for prestigious projects is the subject of a Times architecture article. Though Daniel Libeskind, dream team of one, won the World Trade Center competition, apparently teamwork is the new black of the architecture world, as evinced by all the other teams who entered. The Times brings up a 2001 quote from design world "star," Rem Koolhaas: "If I pride myself on one thing, it is a talent to collaborate." But then Kevin Kernon, one of the architects in the United Architects team, says, "Rem talks a lot about collaboration, but at the end of the day he isn't that interested in actually doing it himself." Meow!

Of course, when Gothamist first looked at this picture of Peter Eisenman, Richard Meier, Steven Holl, and Charles Gwathmey, we thought, "Bunch of old white men with no rhythm." Why are the only female architects mentioned parts of husband-wife teams? Admittedly, Gothamist would have preferred a more multi-culti.

Gothamist was obsessed with Daniel Libeskind for a time. Jen liked Rafael Vinoly and the Think team more.

The Fountainhead is the book to end all books on the vision of an architect, even though it's a vessel for Ayn Rand's Objectivism. King Vidor's film based on the book is definitely worth a look, with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal (who had an affair with the married Cooper. But this was before she married Roald Dahl).