It's common for boring female grownups to dress up as slutty nurses/schoolgirls/nuns or whatever on Halloween, but now pre-teens are mimicking their airhead elders, and there's a whole range of sexually provocative costumes on sale for pre-pubescent girls. The retail chain Party City is well-stocked with everything to make this Halloween a happy one for pedophiles, from a pirate costume for 8-year-olds dubbed the "High Seas Hottie" to a "Devil Grrrl" costume that comes with a red miniskirt, fishnets, a tiny pitchfork, and the sales pitch: "This grrrl devil likes to get things heating up!" It gets creepier.

The store's lace Goldilocks costume has packaging assuring young customers that the attire is "all grown up, and you can have your porridge and more." A Post reporter who started asking questions about the costumes was "booted" from a Party City outlet on East Fourth Street, but one outraged mom tells the tabloid, "If girls get used to dressing like this, they might want to become a whore after Halloween."

Naturally, there are plenty more online, where the website Buy Costumes sells disturbing looks for kids such as Heidi and the Pink Maid, which promises that "cleaning house has never been so fun!" Ugh, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing "Slutty Diaper" costumes out there, isn't it?