AMC's beloved (if not highly rated) advertising soap opera Mad Men returns March 25. But you probably already knew that, since the cable network has plastered our subway system with almost entirely blank ads for the show—the perfect canvas for aspiring subway ad men to work on, right?

Since the ads started showing up, a number of "clever" marker wielding artists have taken to them and tried to find the humor in the silhouette of Don Draper falling from the skies. There were butts. There were hungry sharks and spouting whales. And in one case, there's a trampoline. But something unusual has also been happening to them... Somebody has been cleaning the ads.

So far, on at least two occasions we've found formally tagged posters washed almost clean of markers, something you really don't often see on the subway. Especially on ads that are so clearly asking to be tagged (seriously, that had to have been part of the marketing plan!).

We've asked the MTA what is up with the cleanings, but have yet to hear back. So in the meantime, we thought we'd make it easier for you aspiring artists out there. Below is a blank version of the poster for you to Photoshop to your hearts content. UPDATE: We are no longer accepting submissions (but you can check some of our favorites over here and here!)