Hamilton, a musical that will probably go down in history as the way more upbeat King Lear of our time, is sold out through next fall, and even then tickets are only available for fairly prohibitive prices. But mere plebians, fear not—you can now score $10 tickets through an online lottery, provided you have some serious luck on your side.

Fans used to be able to wait on line for $10 same-day tickets outside the Richard Rogers Theater as part of the musical's wildly popular "Ham4Ham" series—even those who weren't able to get seats got treated to special performances by the actors, like the masterpiece below:

Unfortunately, so many human bodies keep trying to get into Hamilton at once that the musical's producers have been forced to move Ham4Ham online. This is bad news for anyone who wants to see James Madison sing "Defying Gravity" using Mickey Mouse's voice, but it's GREAT news for those of us who don't have the time or patience to spend an entire day in Times Square. Starting today, 21 front row tickets will be available via the show's lottery website. You can enter our information online, and when the lottery closes in the afternoon, winners have ONE SHOT (60 minutes) to claim their tickets. Though they've had some tech issues today:

Whether or not Ham4Ham's live show will return remains to be seen—the online lottery will last at least through the winter, but producers say they're working on controlling outdoor crowds come springtime. "We love seeing so many fans show up to participate in the Ham4Ham lottery and show," lead producer Jeffrey Seller said yesterday. "But we need to figure out how to safely accommodate our fans without blocking traffic on West 46th Street. We're taking this winter break to work out some safety measures and improvements that we'll implement when we return to the live lottery in the spring."

For now, Ham4Ham lives on YouTube: