The sidewalks are still coated with a thick layer of ice, so you are going to have to learn to walk on it. There are a shocking number of humans who have dedicated some of their precious time on earth to make video tutorials on how to do this. They are all amazing.

This guy teaches people how to run on the ice, because he runs a CrossFit box and CrossFit is determined to injure you. His tips: good treads on your shoes, stay light on your feet, and stay aware.

Switch on your core! And something about diaphragms.

This is like the Blair Witch of tutorials, featuring systematic breathing and various walking methods. It is like 10000 minutes long.

Keep your feet flat.

Walk like a penguin (the preferred method of Gothamist staffers).

Walk like an Egyptian.

If you do not adopt one of these methods, wheeeeeee!: