After reading Bridget Harrison's fairly recent column about how long guys/gals should wait till calling/expecting a call after meeting someone, Gothamist started to wonder the same thing, besides when getting back to someone you might like went to pot (which some point to the convergence of Swingers and The Rules). Generally dudes and dames will wait 3 days before calling, apparently taking inspiration from the Benjamin Franklin saying, "Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days," warping it so that when you meet someone, you need to call them after three days or else you stink. Playing it cool is always a nice safe strategy, but it's also calculated and safe. Gothamist is a fan of the different: Interest is interest, so call when you want to. Perhaps immediately isn't always the best idea, but if you did get the other's number, why not show that you're not like the everyone else? You may not see the other person immediately, but we feel it definitely gives you a leg up on other possible prospects. And, yes, it was a movie, but at the end, Lorraine called Mike the day after in Swingers. So there. Although, Gothamist probably has it all wrong. How long do you wait to call? Or how do long do you deem is too little or too long?

Men and women on how long to call. Plus Swingers Rules and Lingo.