The New Yorker has a great piece about a news barker who works a corner near the Port Authority. If Carlos were digital rather than analog, he'd be a great news-in-one-line blog to rival The Drudge Report, as he distills tidbits to about what's in the newspapers into great soundbites. Here's how he picks stories to hopefully attract people to buy his papers without resorting to the Post or Daily News headlines:

Carlos picked up the A section of the Times and scanned the headlines: an update on the Iraqi constitution (“Boring”), a report on stem-cell research (“That clicks, because you got two sides, the religious and the non”), a feature about a troubled Bronx Medicaid clinic (“No way—it’s health care, plus no one cares about the Bronx”). “This is where they hide the good stuff,” he said, turning to the table of contents. Refco, the White Sox, Scooter Libby. Finally, he paused at an item about the Vatican. “Oh, the Pope—I have the most fun with him,” he said. A month ago, Carlos sold every copy by using the line “Pope says it’s O.K. for gay priests to have sex with other gay priests!”

Also, since it's been a while since we've picked up a paper from a newstand (though we will when the Post or Daily News has some extra crazy photographs), who knew that newspapers had "Afternoon" editions?