Pretty much every time you click on you get a free American Apparel ad which you can print out and frame for your home or office, but now the print periodical Art in America is trying to one-up us with their May issue. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, every copy of the magazine will contain a print of a Jasper Johns lithograph, which readers may carefully remove and use to fill that depressing blank spot on the wall between their Rothko and vintage Samantha Fox poster. Here's how Art in America describes it:

The artwork is a black and white offset lithograph on translucent vellum that depicts several of the most important motifs from Johns’ oeuvre: the numbers zero through nine, a map of the United States and the American Sign Language alphabet. The choice of paper permits visibility on both sides creating an interesting juxtaposition within the magazine context when coupled with the density of the work itself.

The newsstand price of Art in America is $11, which may seem pricey until you consider that you're getting a free Jasper Johns work of art along with all of the publication's enriching cultural reportage that makes you a more attractive, sophisticated person. Eleven bucks is a sweet deal considering upcoming auctions of post-war and contemporary art at Sotheby’s and Christie’s are expected to surpass $500,000,000?

Here's a look at the print; be sure to leave your erudite and informed opinions on this piece in the comments!


Your move, "Art Forum."