Suzy Wetlaufer and Jack Welch; Photo: NY Times


has paid Jack Welch, former GE CEO, $4 million to write a how-to business manual. Welch's fiancee, Suzy Wetlaufer, former editor of The Harvard Business Review, who looks like Tina Fey's older sister, will help him write it. HarperCollins told the Times, "Young people grow up today wanting to be a policeman, a fireman, a C.E.O. Jack can teach to all of that." Here are some things both Jack AND Suzy can teach young people:

• How to leave your wife of 28 years (Jack)
• How to leave your second wife of 13 years (Jack)
• How to give up $450 million in the divorce settlement with your second wife (Jack)
• How to date a 66 year old billionaire (Suzy)
• How to have a fling with a 22 year old editorial assistant at age 42 (Suzy; see Demi Moore for the celebrity version)

Many facts culled from a great New York magazine article about the Welch-Wetlaufer affair. Harvard Business School interview with Wetlaufer which speaks to her interest in older things: "'It was a match made in heaven,' she says of her first encounter with the 78-year-old business magazine."