This just in (therefore it didn't make it into our newsletter): tonight the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is going to school New Yorkers on how to manage the city's ratdemic! They say, "for centuries, humans and rats have contentiously shared our city, competing for prime real estate in subways, apartment buildings and green spaces. From traps to toxins, New Yorkers are known to use extreme measures to banish these unwanted rodents."

The panel will include three rat experts, who will discuss the exploding rat population in the city, and problems it may cause for urban gardeners. You'll learn why rats appear in particular locations (like Grand Army Plaza), what can gardeners do to battle the four-legged infestations, and how city agencies can help (even with all the cuts).

The event is tonight at 6:30 p.m. should you feel like learning more about New York City’s most notorious inhabitants. Now, where's the panel on how to manage NYC's other unwanted population.