If Rex Ryan (or Rob Ryan) wasn't really your style, we've got another installment of our Halloween costume guide for you. Today, we present a costume of everyone's favorite topical politician: Carl Paladino. It can easily become an Emperor Palpatine costume if you find yourself in possession of a cape instead of a suit. Here are some tips:

  • Wear suits that can look good cover your body even with "fluctuations of weight." Paladino favors Benchmade of Buffalo, but any gray suit that can be wrinkled up by folding it in a suitcase instead of using a garment bag will work.
  • Work on your accent. According to Wikipedia the Buffalo accent is characterized by the Northern cities vowel shift. And the way he says "about" is almost Canadian.
  • Find someone dressed up as Andrew Cuomo, and do not stop yelling at him all night.
  • Print out some hot bestiality photos and "forward" them around the party, but insist that you were just trying to "re-send" them to a few close friends if they fall into the wrong hands.
  • Start conversations with people, and then leave in the middle of them to find a bathroom.
  • Don't forget the raccoon eyeliner!

If nobody gets your costume, you can just criticize them as being one of the "liberal elite denizens of Manhattan," who don't know what life is like for a simple millionaire from Buffalo. Or just yell, "UNLIMITED POWER!!!" as you throttle your attackers with your bare hands.