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It all started when you were an undergrad—a Direct Loan here, a private loan there. It was all well and good back then, when you had a high metabolism and a grace period that wouldn't quit (well, not until six months after graduation, at least). Then maybe you went back to school for a graduate degree, and the loans just kept piling on. Before you knew it, you'd gained the infamous "freshman 50K" (or worse).

Packing on the student loan poundage is only natural - after all, 40 million Americans are currently dealing with education debt. But if you've made a commitment to slim down your debt in 2015, you may want to look into student loan refinancing. By refinancing your loans at a lower interest rate, you could save a significant amount of money on interest, potentially reduce monthly payments or even pay your debt off sooner than anticipated (no Master Cleanse required!).

And if you refinance with SoFi, a leading marketplace lender, you get more than just cost savings. SoFi offers its members perks like career support, unemployment protection and no fees. With the average SoFi borrower saving $11,783*, it's like a sensible diet and exercise program for your loans—except better, because you can skip the gym and eat whatever you want.

Refinance your student loans with SoFi today, and watch the student loan pounds melt away!

*Savings calculation is based on SoFi borrowers who refinanced between 5/21/14 and 7/2/14. Prior to refinancing, these borrowers had on average a $71,000 loan balance, a rate of 7.07% and a lifetime payment of $99,239, assuming the standard Direct Loan term. After refinancing, these borrowers have an average lifetime payment of $87,456 based on a weighted average of new rates received across both types (fixed and variable) and all terms offered by SoFi with AutoPay. Savings calculation assumes borrowers make all payments in a timely manner and do not prepay.SoFi loans are originated by SoFi Lending Corp (dba SoFi) California Finance Lender #6054612. NMLS #1121636.Notice: SoFi's Refinance Loan is a private loan. Understand that when you refinance federal loans, you forfeit certain flexible repayment options. If you expect to incur financial hardship that would affect your ability to repay, you should consider federal consolidation loan options.