John Hodgman is everywhere! Not that we are complaining of course, but Gothamist has already seen his interview from the Daily Show repeated, he was at Mo Pitkins earlier this week, and tonight he will be a guest at How to Kick People. Surely there will be talk of hobos, but there will also be other guests, including Onion editor Carol Kolb, comedian Susie Felber and Andy Friedman & The Other Failures. If you aren’t able to make the show, Hodgman does have a limited edition blog composed of twenty electronic messages devoted to all the areas of his expertise.

How to Kick People – 7:30pm @ The D-Lounge [101 E. 15th St. beneath the Daryl Roth Theatre] $5 and 2 drinks

2005_11_artsazizboxes.jpgThe UCB [307 W. 26th St] has a nice little lineup of shows tomorrow night as well. Aziz Ansari, who is also everywhere, performs a one-night only show “Aziz Ansari Hates Driving”, a best of collection of his material. Aziz heads to L.A. for the month of December and we wish him well in his efforts to avoid the freeways. Maybe Aziz can do an LA version of Crash Test called California Emissions Test…? Maybe not. Tomorrow, 9:30pm

Also at the UCB tomorrow night is the return of Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made Ever. The live show contains interviews with “screenwriter Joe Eszterhas”, scene reenactments and a comparative analysis of Showgirls’ dance numbers to the life of Christ. Come to think of it, Gothamist does remember the scripture that bespoke the weirdness of “not having anyone come on you”.
Michael Musto returns as a guest star in this week’s show. 8pm