The cat-on-a-leash phenomenon continues unabated today with a new firsthand account in the Times on the trials and tribulations of training your cat (sorry, make that "pedicat") to walk on a leash. We've seen it before, but not until now have we known, in such vivid detail, how to do it ourselves.

See, you don't need to make a $375 appointment with a cat trainer named "Mr. Galaxy" just to learn that you can pretty much make a cat do anything with enough treats and patience, provided you don't fill them up too quickly. "Cats will not do what you want just to please you, unlike dogs," says Galaxy. “As soon as he’s full, it’s over.” Also, discipline is useless, but positive reinforcement can work, so put on your happy face and try not to focus on the fact that everyone will stare and point while you get all sing-songy to a cat on a leash in a public place. Good luck.