If you've seen any of the previews for the new Clive Owen banking conspiracy flick The International, you know that one of the key action sequences takes place in the Guggenheim, with our man Clive dodging bullets fired by the movie's dark mastermind Thomas Krens (kidding, and yes we know Krens is gone). Anyway, if you're wondering how they got access to film a gunfight in the Guggenheim—where security jumps down our throats if we so much as take a cell phone pic—well, they pretty much didn't.

Following a Monday night screening at Loews Lincoln Center, producer Richard Suckle revealed to the Observer that after a long two-year negotiation, the Guggenheim would only let them shoot for one lousy day. (One wonders how many days how many days Will Smith got for Men in Black.) But museum administrators did grant the production permission to build a four-story replica of the museum in Berlin. Constructed at 98 percent scale, that's actually where the glass-shattering action sequences were shot. So... now you're armed with an interesting factoid with which to irritate your date during the movie.