When you’ve had your heart broken, the best way to get over someone is to get back in the field, perhaps after a flirtation with binge TV and a whole lotta takeout. But it’s no surprise that after such an ordeal, there’s a fear of getting hurt again. Self-care is important, and prioritizing “you time” is critical after a bad breakup, but eventually you’ve got to get off the bench. (You’re not actually looking to date your Netflix account, right?)

“Go on an app! It’s digital, you’ll be safe there,” your friends tell you. But the thought of a hollow Tinder encounter makes a life-long date with a monastery seem appealing. Alas, not all dating apps are created equal. So the question is, which of these apps is best for putting yourself back out there.
Your perfect dating app should be one where people are looking for mutually respectful relationships, short-term, long-term, on whatever terms that make sense to you! One where people are accountable through mutual friends, and where those you meet won’t dupe you, lest word get back to their social circles. One where ghosting is for monsters, not savvy folks who have no interest in wasting their time or anyone else’s. And one where the members know that people must be straight-forward and caring in their communication. That app is The Inner Circle.

Take David Murphy, a New York-based recruitment specialist who met his fiancée on The Inner Circle: “After a terrible break-up, I genuinely didn’t know where to start again. A friend recommended the Inner Circle on the basis that people were so straight-forward and respectful and I thought, what the hell. Before I met Giulia, I went on a number of great dates with other people. Even though we obviously weren’t compatible, I never felt as though I’d wasted my evening because everyone I met on the app was successful, smart, warm and emotionally sound. The Inner Circle gave me my dating confidence back.”

So if you’re wondering how to get back on the proverbial dating horse, the Inner Circle could give you the leg up. Time to swap a summer of self-doubt for a cozy winter of love.

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