Spielberg and Jaws get acquainted on set.

It's Shark Week! Which is so much better and less terrifying than Smurf Week. We're already on day five (the television marathon is hosted by Andy Samberg this year), and we haven't even asked: how's your Shark Week going? That's good to hear. But if you want to celebrate off the couch and around the city (that's like Shark Week 3-D), we've compiled a list of where you can shark it up around town:

  • The NY Aquarium only has sand sharks (and one died back in 2008)—but they're worth checking out.
  • Head out to Long Island for a shark dive... which means you'll be in a cage, surrounded by 10 or more circling sharks!
  • Staten Island also has some sharks, and you can even adopt one for just $100 a year (according to their adoption form, one of the sharks starred in Finding Nemo).
  • If you'd rather eat shark for your Shark Week celebration (we're not here to judge), then head to Surf Bar in Williamsburg where they will serve you up their Penne with Shark or Shark Attack Chowder.
  • For more variety, you'll want to head to Congee Village on the Lower East Side, where they have a lot of shark on the menu... including the not very humane shark fin soup (try to skip that one).
  • If you want to fancy up your Shark Week, Oceana has a Blackened Thresher Shark on the menu (though you may want to call ahead to make sure they have it when you're craving it).
  • And of course, there's always MexiQ's Shark Tacos—being served up especially for Shark Week.

Now if only some NYC tattoo shops would jump on deck with the whole free shark tattoo during Shark Week idea (note: there's still time!).