To accompany an Oscar-themed story about celebrities' publicists working to make sure their clients don't run into exes, there's a NY Times Styles section about real people's strategies not to run into exes. Certainly the prospect of running into an ex can make the heart race and forehead sweat, but it can happen, especially if you date people in your neighborhood. One broken-up couple decided to literally divide Manhattan at Fifth Avenue. Christian Shraga explained, “We couldn’t cross Fifth Avenue above 14th Street during the day, nor could we cross Fifth Avenue below 14th Street at night.”

Another Manhattanite only dates people at least 90 minutes outside of the city, which she admits is "a tad dysfunctional," but hey, “at least my corners, grocery stores and gyms remain my own." Well, you do what you gotta do! Then again, all the self-help books do say "living well is the best revenge."

Have you employed extreme tactics to avoid exes? Or do you go out of your way to try to confront them with your fabulous new life?

Photograph by Bluejake