Photos via imjustsayin's flickr

Yesterday's free concert on the Waterfront (the third of the weekly Pool Parties this summer), was one of the many events that succombed to the weather gods. I'm Not Sayin speaks up and reports back from the frontline saying "the State Park management told the promoters to pull the plug—before headliners Trail of Dead could plug in and play a single power chord." Smart move, and the crowd made the best of it, running off to nearby bars, and snapping windblown shots for their Facebook pages.

However, the park rangers, content with the cleared out crowd, demanded that the remaining folks holding up their pop-up tents (used for beer sales and whatnot) abandon them. "Having been given orders to clear the park (no exceptions!)... insisting that the folks holding the tents abandon ship and leave the park. We protest briefly: We've seen what happens when the wind gets its way with Ez-Up tents. But the state park rangers are insistent... Almost immediately, the tent city blows by our little bunker, tumbling and tangling as the metal frames somersault along, dragged by wind-filled nylon canopies." Hey Parks Department, shouldn't these sorts of things not be left abandoned, lest they fly into the East River or take out a window at the Edge (or, like, hurt someone)?