A Brooklyn born and raised woman, currently living in Atlanta, created a miniature version of a New York City brownstone as a way to cope with homesickness (and make some cash!). She writes:

I made the Brownstone from scratch pouring over pictures of New York Brownstones and using Google Earth to see the house I lived in as a child. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I missed home, so what better way to bring New York to Atlanta than with one of its most iconic architectural structures—the Brownstone. The New York inspired Brownstone is 36 inches high and 30 inches wide. It boasts three floors and a basement. The front lights work and are powered by a simple watch battery. Six potted plants, a miniature wooden table, and a clay basket with rocks accompany the house for decor. The roof is color-textured so that you can add a patio set. The roof-top adds another floor by adding another element to decorate. The basement resembles an unfinished basement.

She also calls her work, "a great fixer-upper!" Which is perhaps why it got no bids during her eBay auction. The price was set at a whopping $2,900. Unsurprisingly, the commenters over at Brownstoner have a lot to say, one noting, "Not impressed. No subdivided rooms, might as well be a Philly Trinity and unauthentic color. Basically a gut renovation."