Real estate blog Movoto did some research to find out how much the Ghostbusters Firehouse would be worth in today's market, and guess what they found out? Egon, Ray, and Peter would have a rough time paying the bills at Hook & Ladder 8... probably? Someone go figure out how much money Ghostbusters make.

Here's how they broke it down:

Size: 9,642.55-square-feet
Location: 14 North Moore Street
Price: Based on comparable properties in that area, that's about $1,630 per square foot... or $15,717,356.50 total. (Or 642 tons of marshmallows.)

Other things to keep in mind when playing this game: these guys lived there 30 years ago when prices were different and "the firehouse was in a state of severe disrepair." Also, this was a live and work space, that included a garage.

But what else do you get for all that dough? Based on Ghostbusters layouts found online, the space includes an ECTO-1 bay, reception area, an office, basement, sub-basement (or ghost containment area), kitchen, dining room, Bill Murray, a laboratory, sleeping quarters, and bathrooms. And that's a lot more, and $3 million less, than the DUMBO Clocktower penthouse.