via Swimmingly

Listen, proposing at a baseball stadium can be romantic, but only if you aren't all show-boaty about it, and at any of America's great ballparks, you can secretly propose to your loved one from your favorite spot in the stands. But if you want to make it all official and let the world know in real-time, then you're going to have pony up some cash. In New York, you have only one scoreboard option: Yankee Stadium. This will cost you $100, which is practically nothing compared to what the Los Angeles Dodgers are charging: up to $2500! Doesn't even come with the ring, but does come over the live video board.

Currently Citi Field doesn't offer any official options, and we reached out to find out why the Mets hate love so much. Maybe because they do not get enough of it? We'll update if we hear back, but current office speculation says this is tied to superstition, and not enough hugs.

The people over at Swimmingly recently took the time to ask all 30 MLB teams what their going rate for a scoreboard proposal is, and you can check out the prices here. If you're thrifty, you may want to consider becoming a Pirates fan, they offer scoreboard proposals for the low low price of $38.50! With that kind of deal, you can get engaged once an inning! That blonde by the Bud vendors was definitely checking you out.

Note: Yankee Stadium loves love and your money so much they also offer on-field options.