Photos by Jen Carlson/Gothamist

Elmo recently answered some questions about Sesame Street in a long Q&A with fans of the show (seen below), and we finally find out how to get to the famous street! Well, sort of. When asked, Elmo says taking "a plane, a bus, a subway" should get you there (when we visited, we took the N)—and if you like it so much you want to stay, Elmo takes his best guess at what his parents paid to own a home there. He declared: "They must have bought the place... for probably a gazillion dollars. Do you know if it's a buyer's market or a seller's market on Sesame Street? Elmo heard mommy and daddy talking about that."

So, how much would it cost to live on the street? Pictured are some of the locals residences, including Elmo's parents apartment, Oscar the Grouch's garbage can, and Big Bird's nest. The neighborhood is fictional, but the show was aimed to "attract inner-city viewers, so they reproduced these viewers' neighborhoods as its setting—a realistic city street, complete with peeling paint, alleys, front stoops, and metal trash cans along the sidewalk." Last year, however, Bloomberg placed it on the Upper West Side.