Have you performed your annual December ritual of watching Love, Actually while sitting in a pine-scented bubble bath and drinking a winter wine spritzer yet? Since I have (every Sunday, 2 p.m.) there's a good chance I would win this trivia contest happening at Highland Park tonight. But since I only just found out about it (thanks, Jane), the rest of you still stand a chance. Note, the trivia nights here get real competitive, so don't think you're going to win just because you know what Peter's unrequited love cards to Juliet say, or what small town Colin (God of sex) visits in America.

The event is at 8 p.m., and reservations can still be made by calling (212) 545-9912 or emailing with "LOVE ACTUALLY TRIVIA" in the subject line. Highland Park is located at 206 East 34th Street at 3rd Avenue.