Has anyone invoiced Charlie Sheen for his naked, frothing night at the Plaza Hotel? TMZ is reporting that Capri Anderson claims the actor tore apart her Prada purse that night, so with that, here's the tally so far:

  • Cost of trashing the Eloise Suite at the Plaza Hotel: $7,000
  • Cost of renting a porn star for the night: $12,000
  • Cost of destroying said porn star's Prada purse: $1,600
  • Cost of getting so high on blow and wine that you lose your rare watch: $150,000
  • Cost of said blow and wine?: Probably free because you're Charlie Sheen
  • Cost of tryptophan-laced sandwich to help ween self off cocaine binge?: $5-$10 (we're guessing)

That's a minimum of $170,605, so far—chump change for Sheen, who is the highest paid television actor, making $1.8MM per episode. Plus, his show is now getting higher ratings! Well played, Sheen, well played. Bonus: his latest coke binge has now been mashed-up with The Rent Is Too Damn High, by Jimmy McMillan and Billy Eichner.