At least one hundred, in the case of Melanie Neer, whose brood of a hundred cats has been whittled down to 30, and must be brought down to two, per her landlord. The NY Times profiles Neer as she bids farewell to cats - and casts spells on her landlord for forcing the issue. Neer lives with her mother in a rent-controlled studio in Elmhurst ("When the Neers moved in 45 years ago, they paid $86 a month. Now they pay $521, they said."), and the landlord threatened eviction over the cats, since the lease states there can only be two. The Times reporter noted that there was a "heavy cat smell" in the apartment - and can you imagine the craziness during shedding season? The sad thing is that Animal Care & Control is removing cats every day, the cats will be killed if they are not adopted in three days! We hope some no kill shelters claim the kitties.

This is a lesson to spay or neuter your pet - you don't want a cat reserve in your apartment. And this reminds us one either an episode of Animal Precinct or the children's book, Millions of Cats. Plus, some good advice in yesterday's Post about cats: Put their food in stainless steel dishes, so they don't get cat acne (acne can affect their self-esteem). You can check out our archives about animals. Update: Reader Wendy included a link to a Queens Ledger story about Neer - check out the pictures of the cats in the apartment (the cat in the pot makes us laugh and cry).